In The Corridor

Carbon Corridor is one of Utah's most diverse areas for wildlife. The natural habitat is varied and a day exploring it may lead to seeing one of the magnificent animals that live in these parts.  So, take some time to "glass the hills" and search the desert floors for some of the many creatures that call this region home.  You'll be shocked at how often you see a beautiful pair of eyes peering back at you.

The drive through Nine Mile Canyon is a popular destination for wildlife viewing, from pronghorn antelope to red tail fox, there are often animals on display if you look hard enough for them! These creatures a fast and blend in well with the natural scenery, so be patient and keep a close eye on the hills.

If seeing a bighorn sheep - or several - is what you are after, then head out to East Carbon/Sunnyside in the late spring early fall. These impressive creatures can often be seen in the early morning, late afternoon and into the evening.

Other wildlife known to roam the area are deer, elk, coyotes, mountain lions and the occasional black bear. Most of these animals are known to live in the Manti-LaSal National Forest just south of the Corridor. Huntington Canyon is a prime viewing area for all and also makes for a great hiking and OHVing destination!

Featured Location

Nine Mile Canyon
Though they may be hard to spot, the hills are full of wildlife.

Huntington Canyon
This expansive area is known to have some of the best wildlife viewing around.