5245 S 8000 W
Price, UT 84501


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9 AM - Dusk, Thursday - Sunday
Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas



As one of the best Shooting Ranges in the state, we have a TON of cool stuff to offer! Long Range, Mid Range, Short Range and Extreme Long Range Rifle venues, Rim fire only venue, Pistol Venues, Shotgun venue, Law Enforcement Range, Archery Range, 3-D Archery and our famous Cowboy Town! If you’ve never experienced our shooting range, now is the time.


The Castle Gate Town is a world class cowboy action shooting facility, that is available to the public.  There are 15 shooting bays with building and props reminiscent of an old west town.There are over 200 steel targets of various sizes and shapes for pistol caliber and rimfire weapons, from three to 50 yards.Just to the east of the Castle Gate Town is Buffalo Canyon, a long range shooting venue with steel targets set up from 25 to 400 yards and a three foot steel buffalo at 775 yards. Bucks Place is the cabin at the Castle Gate Town consisting of a kitchen/meeting area, running water, rest rooms and a pavilion with a capacity of up to 100 persons.In the commons area there are three pavilions for additional seating.The Castle Gate Town is the ideal venue for family parties, meetings, trainings, or just a day away.  The local cowboy action shooting club, the Castle Gate Posse, holds shooting matches at the Castle Gate Town each month, including monthly club matches, where anyone is welcome to join in, State and Regional blackpowder matches and the SASS Utah State Championship Match.  

Law Enforcement

The law enforcement venue consists of an enclosed shooting area with radiant heaters, designed for pistol, rifle and shotgun use. There are target lines at 25, 50, and 100 yards, with turning targets, rising targets, running-man targets, a bobber range, falling plates and dueling trees. There is also the live fire hot house with three separate rooms and furniture.The targeting system is operated with air pneumatics and requires an operator to run the target system. The law enforcement venue is for law enforcement and military training as well as supervised training and specific event and is not open to the public. 


There are three separate archery venues.First the sight-in/practice range, consisting of 4 x 4 block targets at 20, to 100 yards, in 10 yard increments, used for sighting in and practice. Second, the Flat Range 3-D course consisting of 12 - 14 targets from five to 80 yards. Finally, 3-D challenge course with up to 25 Rinehart 3-D targets, which goes through gullies, washes, hillsides and vegetation.The flat range is for all skill levels, with the challenge course being designed for the more advanced archer.No broadheads are allowed at any of the archery ranges, field points only.

100 Yard Range

The 100 yard range has benches for sighting in with plywood backers at the 100 yard mark and portable target stands for shooting paper targets. Next to the benches, there is a “Rim-Fire” only section with stationary and reactive targets out to 90 yards.   Then there are 10 pistol bays with retrievable targets witch go out to 80 and 100 feet. Next to the pistol bays is a pistol caliber and rim-fire only range with stationary and reactive targets out to 75 yards.


On the 600 yard range there are steel silhouettes, chickens at 200 yards, pigs at 300 yards, turkeys at 385 yards and rams at 500 yards. 18" round steel gongs at 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600, and 18" square gongs at 250, 350, 450 and 550, as well as portable target stands for shooting paper targets. The 600 yard range shares an enclosed shooting area with 1000 yard range. 

1000 Yard Range

On the 1000 yard range, there are 18’ steel gongs at 200, 300 400, 500 and 600. There are 4’ x 4’ steel plates at 600 and 700 yards, 6’ x 6’ steel plates at 800 and 900 yards and an 8’ x 8’ steel plate at 1000 yards. There are also various other steel targets, such as “Know your limit racks, IPSC silhouettes, coffin targets and steel milk jugs scattered around the 1000 yard range. you can also use portable targets stands for shooting paper targets. The 1000 yard range shares an enclosed shooting area with the 600 yard range.


The Extreme Long Range Venue is shot from the “Barnes Bunker” at the Shotgun Venue. From this position we have targets at 1200 yards, 1500 yards, 1500 meters and 1760 yards That’s a MILE to you and me! This Venue may not be available every day, as certain events prohibits it’s use. If you can demonstrate that you are able and have the proper equipment to reach out beyond 1000 yards, then this venue is for you!

Trap Range

The Trap Range consists of two manual throwers with five concrete shooting stations at 16 yards. There is also a Sporting Clays trailer used for competition as well as for the general public.

Main Cabin

The Main Cabin consists of the lobby, with animal mounts on loan from various local sportsmen, as well as free booklets and magazines for the shooting enthusiast.  The pro-shop in the cabin is equipped with targets, portable backers, staplers, ear and eye protection, lead sleds, spotting scopes and hats with the North Springs logo.  Additionally, class/meeting rooms with the capacity of up to 40 persons are available with prior reservation.  The class/meeting rooms are also used for concealed weapons and hunter safety classes.


cowboy town north springs


Most Venues are available to rent for Training, Special Events, Group Activities, etc. Contact the Range for availability and pricing. The different facilities offer a wide range of amenities great for shooting events, weddings, birthday parties and more!

cowboy town north springs


There are several competitions and events held at the North Springs Shooting Range including; Long Range rifle competitions ie: NRL Rifle, PRS rifle, and the Milk Jug Challenge. Other competitions include; Cowboy Action Shooting, The Castle Action Shooting League (three gun events), the NRL.22 and the NRL .22 Extreme, the Tactical Games, the DOC Steel Challenge, the State and Regional Y.H.E.C competition, High School Rodeo Shooting Competitions, as well as private events such as Family reunions, company Parties, and weddings, just to mention a few. For more information on these activities, see our Calendar or contact the Range.



Several Classes and Trainings are available at the North Springs Shooting Range including Concealed Carry Classes, Hunters Education Classes and Field Days, N.R.A. Range Safety Officer Courses, basic and advanced Firearms training and Long Range Rifle Classes. For more information on these activities, see our Calendar or contact the Range.

Long Range Shooter

Castle Gate Town

Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting


All First Time Visitors to the Range must complete the Carbon County/ North Springs Shooting Range Waiver of Liability and then they will receive an introduction to the Range and advised of all safety procedures. All range staff are Certified N.R.A. Range Safety Officers.


Includes the 1000 yard, 600 yard, 100 yard ranges, the pistol range, the Castle Gate Town, Trap Range and archery block targets.


Basic Day Pass (ages 16 to 65)- $10.00
Senior Day Pass (over 65) - $7.00
Family Day Pass (immediate family only) - $25.00

No charge for those ages 16 and under, visitors and non-shooting observers


3-D Archery (all Rhinehart 3-D targets on both ranges) - $5.00
Juniors 3-D Archery (ages 16 and under) - $5.00
Dry Camping per Night (includes RV Dump) - $8.00


Basic Day Pass - Single (ages 16 to 65)- $150.00
Basic Day Pass - Double - $250.00
Senior Day Pass (over 65) - $75.00
Family Day Pass (immediate family only) - Price will vary, depending upon the size of the family

$200.00 for 3-D archery
$250.00 for an “all access” pass.




5245 South 8000 West
Price, UT 84501


751 E 100 N
Price, UT 84501

Located off Wattis Road,
15 miles southwest of Price


Scott Olsen

Directions from Salt Lake:

  • On US Hwy 6 take exit 241 for Carbon Ave/Hwy 10
  • Turn right onto Carbon Ave/Hwy 10
  • Travel 7 miles south on Hwy 10 until the intersection with Hwy 122 (signs for Hiawatha)
  • Turn right onto Hwy 122
  • Travel 3 miles until the intersection of Wattis Rd
  • Turn right onto Wattis Rd
  • Travel 5 miles until the intersection of 8000 West
  • Turn right onto 8000 West
  • Travel .3 miles until sign for the shooting range