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Our mission is to enhance the local economy by creating a business friendly atmosphere for both existing and new business as well as new industry. We participate in multiple collaborative efforts aimed to create a diverse, sustainable and innovative community. Collaborative efforts include; regional alignment, local business development and expansion, new business recruitment, workforce development, affordable housing, enhanced quality of life and tourism experience. 


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Carbon County’s strengths are numerous and varied. The County has the unique asset of land for businesses to expand into and for new businesses to develop. In addition to land that is undeveloped, several areas including along Ridge Road and within the Price Industrial Park are shovel ready sites. The County also has access to fiber which is critical to nearly all industries. Transportation routes by rail, highway, including proximity to I-70 and I-15, and air with the Carbon County Regional Airport are added strengths to the community. While there is a need to diversify from a coal dominated economy, this natural resource, as well as alternative future uses for coal are an important strength to the County. A large portion of the County’s labor force has a history in coal mining industry and collectively displays a strong, dependable work ethic for employers.

The County further benefits from the presence of USU Eastern, which serves as a community anchor and is being utilized to encourage concurrent enrollment for high school students and to develop specialized industry training programs for local industries. Finally, the residents of Carbon County experience a positive quality of life with uncrowded cities, clean air, access to quality healthcare and close proximity to a plethora of recreation opportunities.


Several opportunities exist to aid Carbon County in diversifying its economy and strengthening the community. The County is well suited for manufacturing including injection and composite molding and plastics manufacturing. The County is also poised to embrace alternative uses for the naturally abundant coal such as the production of carbon fiber and coke. Land availability and affordable commercial costs enhance the opportunities for new industries to relocate to the County, as well as provides opportunities for existing businesses to expand. The rail and air infrastructure present unique opportunities to re-think the County’s inland port capacity, which would allow businesses to operate from Carbon County but expand their footprint nationally and globally.

The County is home the Carbon Corridor and a wide variety of recreational and tourism opportunities that often go unnoticed as the County is a pass through to many of Utah’s more well-known national and state parks. The potential for tourism is great with natural gems such as Nine Mile Canyon, Range Creek, Scofield State Park and the Dinosaur Diamond National Scenic Byway. Amenities such as the Carbon Country Club, Tavaputs Ranch, the fair grounds and the Carbon County Motorcross Park are ripe for expanded marketing and use.




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